Kendal Industrial Estate Will Immediately Build 100,000 dormitory

November 24, 2017

Kendal Industrial Estate will build as many as 100,000 housing units for workers as a form of facilities to companies that enter this area. "In the initial stage we plan to build 1,000 units next year," PT Jababeka Tbk Chairman Setyono Djuandi Darmono said after filling out the "Central Java Investment Business Forum" (CJIBF) activity at Solo Paragon Solo Hotel, Thursday (11/23/2017) While the rest, it will look for investors to build it. Regarding the investment value of housing construction for workers, so far he has not been able to deliver it.

Darmono said that the design of the house to be built is not in the form of a footprint but a flat considering the number is very large. According to him, the design is also widely applied in developed countries. He considered housing development around the industrial area to be very beneficial for both employers and workers because labor costs for transportation could be reduced. "On the other hand, they can also work more productively so that they will generate profits for entrepreneurs," he said. Meanwhile, so far the development of KIK is quite encouraging. He said of the target of 300 companies, there are currently 35 companies entering KIK. While the value of investments that have been entered to date is Rp. 6 trillion. To increase the value of investment, he said, Jababeka as the KIK manager continues to open up to investors who will enter, one of which is currently available in 14 "standard factory" units or ready-to-use factories. "In addition, we will also build 50 units of shophouses and golf courses," he said.