Working Visit in Kendal, Kampar Regent Wants to Establish Kampar Industrial Area (KIK)

November 18, 2017

The existence of the Kendal Industrial Area (KIK) in Kendal Regency, Central Java, is an attraction for the Government of Kampar District, Riau Province. In fact, the regional government plans to establish the same industrial area in Kendal Regency, named Kampar Industrial Area (KIK).

This was stated by Kampar Regent Azis Zaenal during a working visit in Kendal Regency, Friday (11/17). The number one person in Kampar District came along with the Deputy Regent of Kampar Catur Sugeng Susanto and the Secretary of Kampar, Chair of the Kampar Bappeda, the Kampar Industry Chamber of Commerce and several other Kadin and staff. They were received by Kendal Regent Mirna Annisa and Deputy Regent Kendal Masrur Masykur as well as the Head of the Kendal Soepanjan One-Stop Integrated Investment and Licensing Service in the Operation Room (OR) Room of the Kendal Regional Secretariat.

"We deliberately came here, because we saw on the internet and the news that Kendal had risen with its industry. We want to learn to share. Coincidentally, in Kendal this was first. This means that it already has land for industry, industrial development that is managed by PT Jababeka, regulated, what the RT / RW looks like, so it can grow rapidly, "he said.

Azis Zaenal revealed that as a regent who had only served six months since being appointed, his vision and mission would contribute to building the region. Kampar is one of the districts in Riau Province, with 12 districts / cities. Namely consisting of 10 districts and 2 cities. Kampar itself is one of 10 regencies in Riau Province. There are 6.5 million Riau residents, and 1 million Kampar residents. Kampar with the second largest population in Riau Province after Pekan Baru.

"The location of Kampar is the same as Kendal, meaning that it is adjacent to the provincial capital. "It's just that we don't have large seaports like Tanjung Emas in Semarang," he said.

According to Azis Zaenal with conditions that are almost similar to Kendal and Kampar Regencies, as the vision and mission of Kampar District is there (3I). That is, first, infrastructure, the government is obliged to resolve infrastructure in Kampar, such as improving road infrastructure and building bridges. The two are just looking for investors and all three industries. So the industry is built by investors.

Kendal Regent Mirna Annisa said the Kendal Regency area had been built Kendal Industrial Area (KIK) in Mororejo Kaliwungu Village, which inaugurated the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo and Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in 2016. Kendal Industrial Estate is built on a land area of ​​approximately 2,700 hectares by PT Jababeka and Singapore-based company Sembawang Corporation (Sembcorp).

"The first phase of regional development has been carried out on 1,000 hectares of land which is projected to be completed in the next 3 to 4 years," he said.

The Regent of Mirna stated that with the construction of a very large Kendal Industrial Estate, it would be able to bring a large positive impact on the regional economy, and could create new jobs, certainly would absorb hundreds of thousands of jobs that I prioritize from Kendal residents themselves. KIK development is an effort to improve national economic and industrial equity. In the past year, there have been 20 investors who invested in KIK with an investment of approximately Rp 4.3 trillion. Of the 20 existing companies, employment can be as much as 4,000 people.

"The majority of investors in KIK are engaged in the manufacturing industry or furniture industry. Inside, there is a new factory built 8 months and ready to operate. 70 percent in KIK are national companies. The Kendal Regency Government will always be open to anyone and will always be open to investors who want to invest in KIK. "Kendal is an area that is pro-investment and is an industrial center in Central Java," he said.

The Regent claimed to be ready to cooperate in the industrial sector, in the near future there will be further communication regarding Kendal's collaboration with Kampar. The Regent also conveyed about the development of KIK and introduced the potential of tourism objects in Kendal. The Regent hopes to continue to work together to promote each other's regions. "The development of KIK is quite good. Some factories are already operating and continue to grow. We also want to learn from Kampar, "he said.

After the meeting and dialogue in the OR Setda Kendal room, the Kampar Regent accompanied by the Kendal Regent and from PT KIK then continued to make a direct visit to PT Kendal Industrial Estate (KIK). (nur)

Author: Nur Kholid Ms | Radar Pekalongan