Kendal Industrial Estate Is An Ideal Investment Area in Central Java

September 07, 2016

The need for greater space for industrial activities today, as an effort to increase the economic growth of a region, inevitably makes land use change in the area. An area that wants an increase in economic growth on an industrial basis must provide land as an industrial area, so that land conversion is impossible to prevent because of the need for increased land. However, land conversion must still be planned so that it does not cause negative impacts.

This is where the role of local government is vital, where the regional government must make appropriate and effective Regional Spatial Planning (RTRW) policies. Including by installing and mapping where productive land and which are not productive land. So that the land acquisition which is then converted as an industrial area can be targeted and effective.

Even so, the process of transferring land into an industrial area is not an easy matter. Because, from the start of the licensing process, land acquisition, until the development process must bring problems. Pros and cons must occur and must be faced. The interest factor of various parties for a development project is a never-ending cliché problem in this country. Every party needs a win-win solution, with various efforts, regardless of the pretext, so that the construction of the project goes according to their will. Need carefulness, accuracy, and integrity of a developer to build an industrial area. And of course it takes careful, decisive and effective socialization from the local government so that the project can go according to plan, by ignoring the justice factor for the community. Because every region is sure to want good for its people. By increasing regional economic growth, through the development of an industrial area, it means also the form of government efforts to improve the economy and welfare of its people.

On that basis, the regional government of Central Java continues to work on the development of the Kendal Industrial Area (KIK) or Kendal Industrial Park (KIP), which is expected to later become an economic center in Central Java in general, and the Kendal, Ungaran, Semarang and surrounding areas in particular.

The land used by the KIK / KIP industrial area according to the Head of Public Relations of the Kendal Regency Regional Secretariat, Heri Wasito, is a 'sleep' area. Heri called it a sleeping area, because the land that had previously become agricultural land had not been cultivated for years due to the floods of robs that had inundated the Kendal, Semarang and surrounding areas. Rob has made the rice fields in the area no longer able to be planted, and made it a land that is not productive at all. "There is a sleeping area because of a 3,000-hectare rob area which is reserved as a Kendal industrial area," said Heri Wasito

According to Heri, the area that is currently being built as KIK / KIP industrial area is considered very potential and strategic. Because, besides the land is no longer productive, the area is only 20 kilometers from Ahmad Yani International Airport, Semarang. In addition, the area is not far from the commercial and commercial port of Kendal, Surabaya-Semarang Toll Road. and only 10 kilometers from Weleri Train Station.
Later, continued Heri, the area will be projected to be the largest industrial area in Central Java. Considering the development of this area is carried out by the same developer, namely PT Jababeka, which has successfully built Kota Jababeka in Cikarang which has now become a modern independent city. In this location, said Heri, there will be housing, self-service facilities, sports facilities, education and directed to become a new satellite city.

Whereas a problem arose regarding land acquisition there, as reported in online media,, regarding land tenure principle permits and KIK / KIP industrial area development permits. This was denied by the Head of the Kendal Land Agency Office, Ir. Usman.

Usman explained, that the issue of exemption and the function of land which is used as an industrial area of ​​KIK / KIP in Kendal has been completed and has entered the completion stage of the land transfer letter. "Of the total 700 hectares of land that have entered the construction phase, we have completed the transfer letter of KIK land covering an area of ​​507 hectares," said Usman.

This was also strengthened by the commitment of the central government, through the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning / Head of the National Land Agency (ATR / BPN). During his visit to Kendal, in August, the ATR / BPN Minister, Sofyan Djalil said, the government would prioritize the release of KIK / KIP land by involving the local government and competent parties so that they could be settled as soon as possible. "To accelerate the measurement of the KIP project later we will use Licensed Surveyor personnel, "said Sofyan.

In addition, regarding the conversion of agricultural land used as an industrial area mentioned by some parties is also a problem for local residents who work as farmers and the level of agricultural productivity in Kendal Regency, this was also denied by the Head of Kendal Agriculture Service, Sri Purwati .

Sri confirmed that the use of 3,000 hectares of land for the KIK / KIP industrial area will not affect food production, because the land used for industrial areas is an area where the land can no longer be planted for years due to tidal floods, so that the local government Kendal Regency, the area has been removed from the status as an agricultural land area due to tidal flooding. "We maintain sustainable rice fields. Moreover, the land for the industry has been removed from the status as agricultural land due to the flood, "said Sri.

Kendal Regent, Mirna Anissa, also said that currently, the land in the Kendal Industrial Estate that has been freed is 700 hectares out of the total plan of 2,300 ha. He also promised, would provide ease and acceleration of permits to build businesses in Kendal, such as building permits (IMB), environmental permits (UKL / UPL and Amdal), implementation permits could be completed in line with the construction of the project before the company conducts commercial production. "Through economic development, various multiplier effects will grow for society. The hope is that the Kendal people can get decent salary jobs without having to go abroad to become migrant workers, "he said. This means that the problems regarding land acquisition and the proper and effective land conversion have been carried out by the regional government of Kendal Regency in the context of the development of KIK / KIP Industrial Estate. Including spatial permits and other permits have been completed. Everything is finished. Kendal is truly ready to accept the arrival of investors to invest his capital to build and develop his business in the Kendal Industrial Estate. (Achmad Fuad) Source: Indonesian Industry