Mirna Regent Promotes Kendal Industrial Area to Kampar Regent

November 21, 2017

The Kampar Regency Government, Riau, wants to build a special industrial economic area in its area. The Kampar District Government also wants to learn from Kendal Regency which already has a special industrial area. This was conveyed directly by Kampar Aziz Zaenal Regency during a working visit to Kendal. Kedatang Aziz and his entourage were received directly by Kendal Regent Mirna Annisa and his staff on Friday (11/17). "We want to learn from Kendal who have managed to build an industrial area," said Aziz.

Aziz said that the region was preparing for the construction of an industrial area. For this reason, the Kampar Regent wants to know things related to the construction of KIK from the Kendal Regency Government. He said, Kampar has great potential to develop the industry. Besides having a large area, the area also has raw materials for industry, such as oil palm. Mirna invited Aziz to meet the leader of the Kendal Industrial Area (KIK). PT KIK Chief Executive Officer Stanley Ang said the industrial area must be supported by various supporting facilities and infrastructure. The Kampar regency must also dare to invest in the future so that the industrial area can grow rapidly. Not only industry, Mirna as reported by Metrotvnews also introduced the potential of tourist objects in Kendal. Mirna hopes that the second cooperation relationship will continue to be intertwined to encourage the development of their respective regions.

Source: industry.co.id