2019, Port of Kendal Operates

January 08, 2018

The Head of the Kendal Regency Transportation Agency stated that the planned construction of the Kendal port will go through the study stages first, before development is actually carried out.

"Dishub and PT Pelindo III will conduct a two-month study, after which the development process will be carried out. It is hoped that in 2019 it can operate, "Head of Transportation Agency Kendal Suharjo told reporters in Kendal on Monday (1/8).

As is known, at the end of 2017 (December 28-red), Kendal Regency Government together with PT Pelindo III has signed the construction and development of the Kendal port. The MoU was signed directly by Pelindo III President Director I Gusti Ngurah Askhara Danadiputra and Kendal Regent Mirna Annisa.

PT Pelindo III will invest Rp 6 trillion for the Kendal port. According to Askhara, an investment of Rp 3.8 trillion will be disbursed in 2018, and the next Rp 2.2 trillion in the following year.

Meanwhile, Operations Director of PT Pelindo III M. Iqbal revealed that the background to the development of the Kendal port was because the Tanjung Emas port had a land decline of 10-15 cm per year.

"Although the polder has been built, it is still prone to flooding, and this is not safe for cargo and logistics activities. With such conditions, maintenance costs are very high, because, among other things, we must continually raise CY and the dock, "Iqbal told Ocean Week, via WhatsApp.

Kendal is an alternative development for Tanjung Emas, according to studies from ITS and Airlangga University. Said Iqbal, the Kendal port will be integrated with the Kendal industrial area (Jababeka and Sembawang) which was inaugurated by President Jokowi and Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long, in early 2017.

"Kendal also includes part of the Tanjung Emas RIP which has been approved by the Ministry of Transportation. The distance is only 20 kilos from Tanjung Emas, and is part of the development of the Greater Semarang port, "he said.

Previously, there was also a private BUP that wanted to work on the Kendal port. Unfortunately, Pelindo III is faster than the private sector.

Add Ship
Suharjo also stated that the Transportation Agency of Kendal planned to add the Kendal-Banjarmasin crossing route, by adding one vessel.

During this time the Kendal port only serves Kendal - Kumai crossings and Kendal tourism routes - Karimunjawa, Jepara.

"We are discussing this plan with KSOP Semarang regarding ship licensing for the new route, the ship is from ASDP," he said.

The ship is the same as KM Kalibodri, with a capacity of 400 passengers, 18 trucks and 14 private vehicles. (tj / **)

source: http://oceanweek.co.id