Kendal Industrial Estate as A New Magnet for Local Communities in Central Java

August 04, 2020

Kendal Industrial Estate, an industrial park at Java, is being seen as new potential emerging industry as it can help more local communities to improve their businesses. As an international industrial complex, Kendal Industrial Park will support factories to increase their productivity by facilitate them with more effective manufacturing system. This can be beneficial for local communities who have small and medium enterprises for low cost production from such facilities. Central Java governor, Ganjar Pranowo, said that with the new development of this central java industrial estate, it will have impact on improving local economy on the region (source: Jakarta Post).

Being a new magnet for locals in Central Java, Kendal Industrial Park (KIP) offers large land area for businesses which need ready to use factory buildings, including semi-permanent factory and terraced factory. With these building schemes, it is easier for the business owner to get the resources such as electricity, water treatment, and waste management because it is centrally located on the same area. For local small and medium scale business owners, it means that they can spend less money on resources. Therefore, they can use the money to rise their production scales.

Not only on the industrial sector, this new Central Java industrial park can also help the local communities on tourism sector. Ganjar Pranowo stated that since the beginning of KIP development, more investors and their partners come to the city to go around the neighborhood and also visit some local arts and furniture industries which can potentially be counted as future investment. Furthermore, the development of industrial park at Java is also profitable for the local restaurants in Kendal, and in Semarang (capital city of Central Java, 21 km from Kendal) as many investors also coming to taste the local culinary at Central Java (source: Bisnis Indonesia). With all the positive economic potentials, it is not exaggerating to point Kendal Industrial Park as a new magnet for local communities in Central Java.