“Taiwan Association of Golf Tournament” Hyatt Garden Hotel Dongguan 27 November 2018

November 27, 2018

PT Kawasan Industri Kendal (KIK) works with the Taiwan shoe association, in the Taiwan golf tournament held on November 27, 2018 at the Hyatt Hotel Dongguan. The purpose of KIK is to participate in this event to introduce more fully about KIK to all shoe entrepreneurs who are members of this Association.

This golf tournament was attended by more than 150 participants who all joined the shoe association. It is a valuable opportunity for KIK to take part in the event because it can promote entrepreneurs present about the best investment locations in Indonesia. The footwear industry itself has become one of the main industries in Indonesia with a PMDN investment of Rp. 640,4 billion and FDI of USD 161,9 million in the period January-June 2018.

The hope is that after participating in this event, it can lead to the intention to invest in Central Java, especially the Kendal area, because based on current data the concentration of investment in shoes is still in West Java. The advantages of investing in Central Java can be seen from large investment opportunities with highly competitive salaries compared to East Java and West Java. 2019 MSE for Kendal (Central Java) is at USD 144, Karawang (West Java) USD 292, Surabaya (East Java) USD 267, even Dongguan itself has a higher salary amount than kendal which is 1,720 yuan, equivalent to USD 249. By investing in Kendal, Central Java, investors can save up to USD 4.6 million / month to calculate the estimated 30,000 employees in a company.

The hope is that the advantages gained from investing in the Kendal Industrial Zone can be a driver of the shoe association business in China to start investing in KIK. Kendal Industrial Estate itself is always committed to maintaining cooperative relations with all business associations networks both in Indonesia and abroad. The establishment of good cooperation with the KIK association can build a broader network with all potential investors who want to enter Central Java. In the future, it can help in improving the economy in Central Java and Kendal in particular.