“2018 Kendal & Suzhou Industrial Park Investment Forum” Suzhou, 27 November 2018

December 27, 2018

PT Kawasan Industri Kendal works with the Republic of Indonesia Consulate General in Shanghai (KJRI), Suzhou Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd. (CSSD) & Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee (SIPAC) in carrying out the "2018 Kendal & Suzhou Industrial Park Investment" Forum "was located at Suzhou Novotel Hotel on 27/11). The event aims to introduce more closely the Indonesian Investment Climate especially the Kendal Industrial Zone (KIK) to all tenants in the Suzhou Industrial Park and potential investors around the area. It is hoped that after attending this event it will increase the desire to invest in Indonesia and KIK in particular.

The event continued with a question and answer session with high enthusiasm which was attended by more than 70 companies located in Suzhou and the surrounding area. Most of these companies are the largest companies in China and 20 of them have confirmed that they will visit KIK. This tour will be inserted into a tour to show Indonesian culture, especially in Central Java. The tour, which is planned to be held at the beginning of 2019, is expected to allow participants to see the location of KIK directly and the progress of development that has been running so that they can increase their trust in investing in KIK.

With the increase in investment coming into Indonesia it is hoped that it will help improve the economy in Indonesia, Central Java in general and Kendal in particular. Reporting from BKPM data, the investment value of the realization of foreign investment in the period January to June 2018 in Central Java is at the figure of USD 943.5 Million for 622 projects. It is not impossible for FDI investments in Central Java to reach up to USD 2.3 Billion if the 20 companies that attended the visit to KIK positively invested in PT Kawasan Kendal Industry.