Kendal Regency Government Will Build Flats for Workers in KIP

March 17, 2021

Editorial, - March 17th, 2021 - 16:46

KENDAL (SUARABARU.ID) - Kendal Regency Government in the near future will build flats (Rusun) for workers in the former location of SMP 3 Wonorejo Kaliwungu, inside the area of  Kendal Industrial Park (KIP).

The area of land in the location is around 1.1 hectares and it is planned to build two or three five-level flat blocks.

"At that time, we were asked to make programs related to housing and its supporting facilities. And currently, Kendal Regency Government owns land in the KIP area," said Fauzi as Head of the Kendal Regency Housing and Settlement Service (Disperkim), at his office on the sea road, Wednesday (17/3/2021).

According to Fauzi, the funds to build the flat came from funds from the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR). Meanwhile, Kendal Regency Government is in charge of preparing the land. "Regarding the land that is being prepared for flat, now the condition is still inundated and uneven, so it needs to be filled first," said Fauzi.

Fauzi admitted that this year the Public Housing and Settlement Service in Kendal has received a budget allocation from the Kendal Regional Budget to fill the land.

It is hoped that, after going through the auction process, in about two months the land will be filled immediately

For the prototype, it will be the same as the flat in Kebondalem Village, which consists of five floors. However, in the future, the flat which is located in KIP will be built into two or three flat blocks with a capacity of 92 to 96 rooms, and each room can be filled by two people.