Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Challenges the Kendal Regent to Restore Economic Growth through KIK

March 25, 2021

Kendal - The Minister of Finance (Menkeu) of the Republic of Indonesia, Sri Mulyani paid a specific visit to Kendal Regency with the Chairman of Commission XI DPR RI Dito Ganinduto on Thursday, March 25, 2021.

In her speech, Sri Mulyani revealed the potential of Kendal Regency, especially with the presence of Kendal Industrial Park, which is a joint project between the Indonesian and Singaporean governments.

She expressed her high hopes for the Kendal Regency Government in improving the welfare of the community and supporting the recovery of the national economy.
During the visit, Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani encouraged the acceleration of the Kendal Industrial Park (KIP) development. She hopes that the potential of KIP can be well optimized. Meanwhile, Kendal Industrial Park already has 66 confirmed business entities. With a number of investors, it is projected that the workforce absorbed is as much as 9,000 workers. With the existence of KIP, Sri Mulyani hopes that Kendal Regency under the leadership of Dico Ganinduto and so on can become an Industrial City and also a tourism sector.

"With the opening of investment flows and industrial estates in Kendal, Kendal will transform into an industrial city. I hope Regent Dico can oversee the development of this industrial estate," said Sri Mulyani.
Kendal Industrial Park has been designated as a National Strategic Project and also as the only industrial-based Special Economic Zone in Java Island. It is hoped that KIP will be able to bring in as much investment as possible and be able to increase the economic growth of Central Java. In this case, the central government also provides its support by paying attention to the development of supporting infrastructure development in order to accelerate industrial activities in Kendal Regency.

"In the future, Kendal port and sea highway will be built. With the Kendal port, this will certainly support industrial activities in Kendal Regency," said Dito Ganinduto.

Meanwhile, Kendal Regent Dico Ganinduto on the same occasion said, with this specific visit, he hopes that the central government through the Ministry of Finance and also the Indonesian Parliament can see directly the development plans in Kendal. With the hope, the central government will provide full support for supporting development in Kendal Regency.

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