Making History! Kendal Industrial Park succeeded in delivering two of its tbusiness entities to enjoy the sweetness of tax holiday

April 06, 2021

Ridwan, - 6 April 2021 - 19:50 WIB - Jakarta - Kendal Industrial Park (KIP) which also, the only Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Java has succeeded in helping two of its business entities getting incentives for tax holidays from the government.
The two companies are PT Master Kidz Indonesia from Hong Kong and PT Sinar Harapan Plastik from Indonesia. Both companies produce children's toys.
As known, the Indonesian government provides many facilities and incentives to investors who want to invest in Special Economic Zone, one of the benefit is tax holiday incentives.
Incentive for tax holiday itself is given from 10 to 20 years depending on the amount of investment value.
Head of Sales and Marketing for Kendal Industrial Park, Juliani Kusumaningrum said that this effort was a clear proof that the Kendal Industrial Park had carried out its function well.
"With the success of the two business entities in obtaining a tax holiday, this is a proof of KIP's consistent commitment in providing business comfort and security for investors," she explained at Batavia Tower, on Tuesday, April 6, 2021.
"Among the 15 SEZs in Indonesia from west to east, KIP is a pioneer in assisting business entities to apply for tax holidays," added Juliani.
She explained that in the future there will be more companies in KIP that apply for fiscal incentives after several conditions are met.
"They are currently in the construction stage, and there is a regulation to apply for a tax holiday. They will submit it before operating commercially. So other business entities will follow to apply soon." said Juliani.
Furthermore, Juliani emphasized that besides being able to apply for a tax holiday, companies investing in Kendal SEZ also get other benefits such as a competitive regional minimum wage (UMR), as well as a large number of productive workforce.
"This means that Kendal SEZ is a place worth considering as an investment locations. We have also worked closely with the Kendal Regency Government to facilitate investment licensing and comfort area for investors," she concluded.