Kendal SEZ has become the Role Model for Indonesia SEZ

April 24, 2021

Kendal - Kendal Regent Dico Ganinduto received a visit from the Secretariat of the National Council for Special Economic Zones, which was attended by Enoh Suharto, Secretary of the SEZ National Council, and Budi Santoso as Deputy Chair III of the SEZ National Council Implementation Team. Dico received the visit in his office at the Kendal Pendopo on Saturday, April 24, 2021.

On this occasion the Secretary of the SEZ National Council, Enoh Suharto Pranoto reported on the progress of the development of the Kendal Special Economic Zone (SEZ). Kendal Industrial Park (KIP) itself has been designated as a Special Economic Zone based on Government Regulation No. 85 of 2019. Meanwhile, the SEZ National Council has evaluated the Kendal SEZ, and then it is stated that the Kendal SEZ is ready to operate.

Based on the results of the evaluation by the SEZ National Council, which was carried out on 15 KEKs throughout Indonesia, Enoh stated that the development of the Kendal SEZ was very good.

"We have evaluated 15 Special Economic Zones throughout Indonesia and we think that the performance of the KEK Kendal is very good, we can even say that it is one of the best performances among other Special Economic Zones." said Enoh.

One of the features of the Special Economic Zone is the presence of an Administrative Office. Enoh said that the role of the Administrator is very important in the success of the Special Economic Zones. Administrators can be likened to entry points for investors, so that investors can find it easier to obtain fiscal and non-fiscal facilities from SEZ. For the Kendal Industrial Park, the Administrator's office has been ready to operate since April 23, 2021, with the official handover report.

Regent Dico said that with the status of a Special Economic Zone, this can facilitate investment, and in this case, KIP can be the best choice for investing in Central Java. He also stated that KIP Kendal could be a role model for other industrial estates.

“Of course, with the status of this special economic zone, it will be easier to invest with the incentives offered. Another hope is that this status can create an industrial estate that is different from the others, as well as provide the best option for investing in Central Java. The local government will also be proactive in providing support, so the industrial estate in Kendal can develop more quickly, and can become a model for other industrial estates. " Said Dico.

Dico stated that KIP had contributed a lot to Kendal, but he also entrusted his hopes for KIP.

"Now, with the Kendal Industrial Park, Kendal is growing. KIP has also contributed to creating jobs. We hope that in the future KIP can work together to build Kendal, not only in the industrial sector but also in terms of tourism and MSMEs so that it can improve the economy in Kendal. " said Dico.

Stanley Ang, President Director of Kendal Industrial Park also explained "The dream of KIP is to be able to holistically match business entities in KIP with the other industry and MSMEs outside the KIP area, so it can accelerate the economy of Kendal and Central Java."

Until the end of March 2021, the number of investors in Kendal Industrial Park was 66 with a total investment of 19.2 trillion Rupiah

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