PT Eclat Textile International celebrates the opening of their Training Center in Kendal Industrial Park

May 20, 2021

PT. Eclat Textile International is a Taiwanese multinational company founded in 1977. Eclat produces sportswear that are marketed globally. In 2019 Eclat expanded its production by establishing their first factory in Indonesia, in Kendal Industrial Park, Central Java. Their first factory has an area of about 24 hectares with a projected total workforce to be absorbed of 6500 workers.


The realization of the Eclat factory construction in Indonesia is running quite fast. After successfully conducting groundbreaking in the middle of last year and in the midst of a pandemic situation. On Thursday, 20 May 2021, Eclat also succeeded in opening a Training Center in their factory area in Kendal Industrial Park. This event was held in addition to inaugurating the operation of the Eclat Training Center (20/5), as well as being an Eclat moment to welcome their first employees. The event was attended by Mr. Jake Su (General Plant Manager of PT Eclat Textile International), Mr. Elton Zhu (Factory Manager of PT Eclat Textile International), Didik Purbadi (President Director of PT Kawasan Industri Kendal), and several other invited guests from consulting company and contractor company of Eclat.


As for Mr. Jake Su said in his speech that the opening of this Training Center was Eclat's step in maintaining the quality of their products. “As a multinational company, we have a vision and mission to consistently create, develop and design high quality products. In making it happen, the expertise of the workforce is very important to pay attention to. Therefore, we built this Training Center as our step to prepare a skilled and competent workforce, "he said.


In its implementation, the TC opening ceremony was also carried out by paying attention to health protocols in order to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. All event participants are required to take a health test / swab test and show negative results from Covid-19 before attending the event.


The establishment of a Training Center (TC) in the Eclat factory basically aims to prepare a trained workforce. Prospective workers will be given training or preparation for approximately 20 days before officially working. The skills prepared in this TC include sewing skills and Quality Control (QC) skills. In the first phase of operating the TC, 140 prospective workers will participate, 110 of whom will be trained in sewing skills, and 30 others will be trained in QC skills. In the future, Eclat will carry out several worker recruitment cycles. It is estimated that re-recruitment will be carried out in August and September with an estimated number of workers recruited as many as 200 people in each cycle.


Didik Purbadi as the Director of Kendal Industrial Park (KIP) conveyed his pride and hopes for the opening of the Eclat Training Center. "It is an honor that even in the midst of a pandemic situation, Eclat is still optimistic in running its business. This is a spirit that other companies can emulate. As for considering the number of workers that will be absorbed by Eclat is quite large. We hope that with this Training Center, and with the operation of the Eclat factory at KIP, it will create competent human resources, and can have a positive impact on human resource development and economic growth in Kendal Regency and also Central Java Province, ”he concluded.