PT D&V International Makmur Gemilang Launches Initial Export of Hospital Bed Products at Kendal SEZ Factory

August 31, 2021

On Tuesday, August 31, 2021, one of the companies in the Kendal Special Economic Zone, PT D&V International Makmur Gemilang, launched its first export product in the form of hospital beds and furniture with the Platinum Inspiration brand. The release of the first export was held at their factory located in the Kendal Industrial Park by releasing the first three containers, dispatched to the Tanjung Mas Port of Semarang with the aim of exporting Malaysia.

PT D&V International Makmur Gemilang itself is part of the DV Medika Group which has long experience in the medical device industry since 1999. On that occasion, Steven Lee as CEO of DV Medika said that after being established for more than 20 years as a manufacturer of medical devices from Indonesia, finally they can realize their dream of reaching the global market with the Platinum Inspiration brand. "We are really grateful to be able to carry out our first export in the midst of the atmosphere of Indonesia's independence month. We are proud to be able to make Indonesia proud through local products that have successfully competed in the international market. With the Platinum Inspiration brand, we hope to inspire the medical device and pharmaceutical industries to remain optimistic and jointly promote medical device products from our own country," he said.

According to Ir. Sodikin Sadek, M.Kes (Director of Assessment of Medical Devices and PKRT of the Indonesian Ministry of Health), during the pandemic, the need for medical devices is quite high, but around 87 percent of the availability of medical devices in Indonesia is still dominated by imported products. “Hospital beds are included in the top 10 types of medical devices with the largest consumption. Therefore, the government hopes that the medical device and pharmaceutical industry will advance, so it can meet national needs with domestic production," said Sodikin Sadek virtually at the PT D&V International Makmur Gemilang Initial Export ceremony.

The ceremony was also attended by Drg. Arianti Anaya, MKM (Plt. Director General of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices, Ministry of Health RI) to convey his congratulations to PT D&V International Makmur Gemilang and hope to all players in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, in the future Indonesia will be able to be independent and able to build a health resilience system. Meanwhile, on the same occasion the Founder & Chairman of DV Medika, Vincentius Lianto expressed his gratitude to all parties who have played a role and supported the success of his business such as the Ministry of Health, the hospital, and one of them to the developer of the industrial park where the initial export release event took place. The intial export ceremony is located in Kendal Industrial Park, Jl. Wanamarta 3, it was able to run smoothly despite the strict health procedures.

Stanley Ang as the President Director of Kendal Special Economic Zone (PT Kawasan Indsutri Kendal) on different occasions also expressed his hopes for PT D&V International Makmur Gemilang, "PT D&V International Makmur Gemilang has been operating in Kendal Industrial Park since early 2020. It's quite new, but very proud that they managed to carry out their first export today (31/8). We hope that it can be a motivation and role model for other medical device and pharmaceutical industry players. We also hope that in the future more medical equipment and other pharmaceutical industries will join Kendal Industrial Park.”