Seven Kendal Special Economic Zone Investors Officially Receive Tax Holiday Certificates

October 21, 2021

Jakarta, October 18, 2021 – Kendal Industrial Park has officially become the first Special Economic Zone (Kendal SEZ) on Java Island since 2019. Until now, there are 69 companies that have joined the Kendal SEZ with a total investment of 22.4 Trillion Rupiah.


One of the incentives for Special Economic Zones is the fiscal incentive facility for investments. On October 18, 2021, seven investors in Kendal Industrial Park were specially invited by BKPM J to take Tax Holiday certificates. Tax Holiday itself is a benefit in the form of tax incentives received by companies /business actors located in Special Economic Zones (SEZ). With this Tax Holiday, companies can get a corporate income tax reduction facility of up to 100% for 10-20 years.


Seven companies that have officially received Tax Holiday certificates from BKPM include PT Eclat Textile International, a sportswear production company from Taiwan, PT Global Textile which is a Fortune 500 company from China, PT Maju Bersama Gemilang, a fiber optic cable manufacturer from China which is also a Fortune 500 company, PT Borine Technology, a company engaged in household electronics from Ningbo, China, PT Masterkidz Indonesia, a company that produces wooden toys, and PT Auri Steel, a galvalume manufacturer from Indonesia. In addition, there is PT Sinar Harapan Plastik, which is a plastic toy production company from Indonesia that has received a certificate in the form of Tax Allowance. As many as 70% of the companies mentioned above are export-oriented.


Stanley Ang as the President Director of PT Kawasan Industri Kendal also enthusiastically welcomed the acceptance of the Tax Holiday certificate by the seven investors. According to him, this is one of the achievements targeted by Kendal SEZ as a Special Economic Zone, that all investors or companies within the Kendal SEZ can enjoy various benefits from the SEZ and increase export value from Central Java. In this regard, Stanley expressed his gratitude to the various parties who helped realize the issuance of the Tax Holiday certificate, “Receiving this Tax Holiday certificate certainly cannot be separated from the role of various parties. Therefore, we also express our gratitude to the National Council for Special Economic Zones, BKPM, and all parties involved," concluded Stanley.


Until now, companies that have invested in the Kendal SEZ come from China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia. Industries that have been present in the Kendal SEZ include Food and Beverage, Fashion (Textiles, Garments and apparel), Furniture, Electronics, Automotive, and other Supporting Industries such as Logistics and Packaging.


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