After Three Years of Establishment, Kendal Furniture and Wood Processing Industry Polytechnic Successfully Holds First Batch Graduation Event

November 26, 2021

On Thursday, November 25, 2021, Kendal Furniture and Wood Processing Industry Polytechnic successfully held a graduation ceremony for the first time. Also present the Kendal Regent, Dico M Ganinduto, the Head of the Industrial Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDMI) represented by Dadi Marhadi, the Head of the Apparatus HR Training Center, as well as Mudjiono, BPSDMI Experts, and the President Director of Kendal Industrial Estate, Stanley Ang. The ceremony became one of the special moments, because this moment was the graduation of the first batch of the only national furniture-based Polytechnic in Indonesia.


Kendal Furniture and Wood Processing Industry Polytechnic itself is owned by the Ministry of Industry and was built on the initiative and form of commitment between the Government of Indonesia and the Government of Singapore in ensuring the availability of skilled workers in the furniture sector, located in the Kendal Industrial Park (KIP). Overall, the purpose of establishing this Furniture Polytechnic is to encourage industrial investment growth through the provision of a competent workforce, as well as a center for innovation, research and development of the domestic furniture industry.


The construction of this polytechnic began in 2017, then started the first batch of educational operations on October 1, 2018 with a 100% scholarship program. There are three Diploma III study programs covering Furniture Production Engineering, Furniture Design, and Furniture Industry Business Management. After three years of existence, Kendal Furniture and Wood Processing Industry Polytechnic successfully held its first batch of graduation ceremonies with a total of 87 graduates.


According to Tri Ernawati as Director of the Kendal Furniture and Wood Processing Industry Polytechnic, almost all students who graduated today (25/11) have been absorbed and worked in several companies. “We are very grateful that although this is the first batch of graduation, we have graduates who excel and have work-ready competencies. As many as 80.45% of the graduates of this first batch have been accepted to work in the furniture sector and other industrial sectors spread across Central Java and outside Central Java, the rest are in the recruitment process.”


According to Mudjiono, the existence of the Furniture Polytechnic at KIP is not only to support the industry's need for competent workers but also to increase the quality and potential of national furniture. "Indonesia targets the furniture industry to become the leading sector for national exports to reach USD 5 billion in the future. And Central Java itself is one of the biggest contributors to domestic furniture production. Therefore, the creation of competent human resources from the Kendal Furniture Polytechnic is expected to provide innovation and increase the added value of Central Java and national furniture products. So that national furniture can compete and dominate the global market,” he concluded.


On this occasion, Dico as the Regent of Kendal congratulated and wished for the Kendal Furniture Polytechnic, “I congratulate the graduates who graduate today. Hopefully there will be more competent graduates from the Furniture and Wood Processing Polytechnic of Kendal Regency.”


Currently there are 450 active students and it is predicted that the number of students who graduate each year from the Kendal Funitur Polytechnic will increase. Even this year, Kendal Furniture Polytechnic added one Diploma I study program, namely Carving Technology combined with CNC Craft. In this case, the Polytechnic applies an Industry 4.0-based education system and has collaborated with industry for the placement of D-1 graduates.


This is certainly welcomed by the company and also the Kendal Industrial Park developer. “KIK currently has 70 incorporated companies and will continue to accept new investors. This means that the number of companies in KIP will increase and the need for human resources will also increase. It is hoped that the development of the Kendal Furniture and Wood Processing Polytechnic will make it easier for investors to get skilled and competent local workers in their fields," said Stanley Ang (President Director of Kendal Industrial Estate).


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