Became One of The World’s Biggest Creators of Innovative, PT Polygroup Manufaktur Indonesia Built Christmas Trees and Lights Factory in Kendal Industrial Park

September 08, 2023

Kendal, September 8th, 2023 - Groundbreaking ceremony PT Polygroup Manufaktur Indonesia at Kendal Industrial Park on Friday, September, 8th 2023. This event was attended by the Owner of PT Polygroup Manufaktur Indonesia, Paul Cheng, Contractor from China State Construction Engineering Corporation, Rokeen Zhao, Head of Sales & Marketing of Kendal Industrial Park, Juliani Kusumaningrum, Head of Semarang Customs and Excise, Bear Buddy, and Head of KEK Kendal Administrator, Tjertja Karja Adil.

PT Polygroup Manufaktur Indonesia is one of the world’s biggest creators of innovative, high-quality Summer and Winter Seasonal products. They chose the first investment in Kendal Industrial Park. PT Polygroup Manufaktur Indonesia produces Christmas trees and lights in Summer and inflatable pools in Winter. With a total investment of 1.6 trillion dollars, it will export around 8000 containers of products annually to several countries such as North America, Europe, and others.

“We make Christmas trees and lights in summer and inflatable pools in winter. So we all set our production line. And there is no off-season. We bring happiness, fun, and joy to bringing family together in a warm and cold relationship. We understand that there is no free lunch in this world. We will face a lot of issues and challenges but we strongly believe that we will achieve our goal.” – Paul Cheng, Owner of PT Polygroup Manufaktur Indonesia.

The construction of PT Polygroup Manufaktur Indonesia will start on January 2024 assisted by China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) to build the factory. With the continued increase in factory construction in Kendal Industrial Park, it is hoped that it can increase the investment value and improve the economy, especially for the Kendal area, and create many jobs.