1. How do I apply and join the Kendal Industrial Park?

You can send your application and other supporting documents according to the position required via these online pages or directly to our recruitment email address at you still have any problem, You can also click link or scan barcode as below :

2. What documents do I need to send when I wanted to apply?

To apply in Kendal Industrial Park, you will need to send us your most recent resume. If you are successful to enter the interview stage, other documents such as a copy of the National Identity Card (KTP) to the latest salary slip may be required. Our HR Recruitment representative will inform you what documents that you need to bring during the later interview. Make sure that your e-mail and Contact Person are valid.

3. What information should I include on my resume?

We want to hear about your latest achievements, education, age, current domicile and how specific that your skill and abilities match with the position that you have applied in our company. We are mostly using English language to communicate in our company. Also, don't forget to underline your achievements in previous jobs, not just your duties and responsibilities. If you have any project in your previous work experience, please include in the attachment.

4. I want to apply in your company, however there is no position that matches with my current background, can I still apply?

Yes, you can still try to send your resume or CV and other supporting documents to our company. Also, please include your application and what position that you wish to apply according to your qualifications at

5. What happens to the application that I submit in your company if I have not been successful in applying to the position that I wish?

We will keep all your application data in our Recruitment Database, if there is a future opportunity and it matches with your experience qualifications we will try to contact you again. However, if you are not willing to be contacted again or if you wish to delete your resume from our database, please let us know through our mail

6. I have submitted a job application to your company, then what are the next steps?

First, our recruitment team will review your job application, whether your qualification experience matches with the position needs in our company or not. If you are one of the candidates that we are looking for, we will try to contact you as soon as possible. However, if you have not been contacted by us, it does not mean you do not have any opportunities to pursue a career in our company. We will try to contact you again if your qualifications match other positions in the future.

7. How long I will be informed that I have been selected as a candidate after the interview process?

Typically, a decision will be made within three weeks after the closing date of job posting

8. Will I be required to come to Kendal in the selection process?

In the selection process, not all candidates are required to come directly to Kendal. The company has provided an online recruitment mechanism. However for several reasons, if necessary, candidates will be asked to come to Kendal. Regarding this, candidates will be contacted to confirm the schedule in advance. For further questions and information you can contact us on We are waiting for you to join and hope you always success.