Leading Smart Packaging Company from China, BSN Established Its First Factory in Kendal Industrial Park

June 26, 2021

Baoshen Science & Applied Technologies Co., Ltd (BSN) is a leading Chinese company that produces packaging materials for garment products (shoes, clothes, and bags), furniture products, cosmetics, and so on. Since its establishment in 1988, BSN has succeeded in becoming a “smart packaging” industry by establishing a Technology Center for RFID-based label design and production. So far BSN has owned several factories in Asia, its main factory is located in Guangzhou. The two other factories are in North and South Vietnam. BSN also has branch offices in America, Spain, Netherlands and Germany. Recently, BSN  decides to expand their business in Indonesia, precisely in  Kendal Industrial Park (KIP) under the name of PT BSN Technologies Indonesia (BTI) with an area of about 3.2 hectares and an investment value of USD 10 million.

On Saturday, June 26, 2021, PT BTI conducted a ceremony to celebrate the inauguration of their first investment in Indonesia. The event was held at their project location in KIP by implementing health protocols of covid-19. The event was attended by representatives from PT BTI, PT China State Construction as the main contractor company, and representatives from the Kendal Industrial Park.

Miao Renxiao as the Director of PT BTI in his speech conveyed the plans and high hopes for the factory construction "For us, efficiency is very important in the process of building this factory. We have a tight schedule, so we hope that the construction process of this factory can run smoothly". Miao also revealed the reason for PT BTI to choose Indonesia and KIP as their expansion locations We chose KIP as our new factory location because of its strategic location, competitive wages, and the facilities offered by KIP as a Special Economic Zone such as tax incentives.” Since this is the first time they invest in Indonesia, Miao also state “the more important of all is the exceptional support from the KIP as the industrial park developer.” According to Miao, when compared to when they invest in Vietnam, they find it easier to invest in Indonesia. Moreover, they are very much supported and assisted in the process by the industrial estate developer (KIP).

The construction of the factory will start from August 2021 and it is estimated that PT BTI can officially operate in June 2022. In the future, when it is fully operational, it is expected to absorb approximately 300 workers.

The presence of PT BTI packaging factory in Kendal Special Economic Zone can also be seen as a trend where supporting industries are now starting to follow the lead of the main industries such as garments, apparel, shoes and so on which have already expanded to the Central Java region. Stanley Ang as the President Director of KIP also welcomed the presence of PT BTI "We are very happy and proud to welcome PT BTI, the leading packaging company into our industrial park. We hope that with BTI we can complete the industry ecosystem in KIP as well as promote the economic growth Central Java.”


For further information about Kendal Industrial Park, please contact Juliani Kusumaningrum (Head of Sales & Marketing) at +62 82266050051 or Juliani.kusumaningrum@kik.co.id.