Kendal Regency Realizes 1500 Vaccine Doses for Workers and People of Productive Age in Kendal Industrial Park

June 29, 2021

Kendal, June 29, 2021, the Kendal Regency Government continues to intensify the Vaccination Program for the Kendal community to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus, which currently continues to increase. Previously, the government had focused on carrying out vaccinations for the category of elderly people, now the government has begun to allocate vaccination programs for other categories.


            On this occasion, the Kendal Regency Government prepared 1500 doses of vaccine intended for workers and also people of productive age. The vaccination process was held at the Kendal Industrial Park (KIP) RBF Building and carried out for two consecutive days, on Tuesday and Wednesday, June 29-30 2021. In one day, health workers will inject 750 doses divided into 3 sessions per day to avoid crowds of vaccinated participants.


            On that occasion (29/6) also attended by the Regent of Kendal, Dico M Ganinduto B.Sc, and also the Dandim of Kendal, Lt. Col. Inf. Iman Widhiarto who came specifically to oversee the vaccination process at the KIP RBF Building. During his visit, Dico conveyed the realization of the vaccination target in Kendal Regency. “On this occasion, I urge all Kendal people to success the vaccination program, and so that we can achieve herd immunity as soon as possible. In this way the economy will recover quickly.” At the end of the interview, Dico conveyed a message to the Kendal community for those who have not or have been vaccinated, to stay productive and always apply health protocols with discipline.


            Lieutenant Colonel Inf. Iman Widhiarto as Dandim Kendal on the same occasion revealed the reason why the government has begun to intensify vaccinations for people of productive age. "As the National Defense of the Republic of Indonesia, apart from being responsible for military matters, we are also responsible for maintaining Indonesia's Economic Resilience. Therefore, vaccinations for workers and people of productive age are carried out to maintain the health of workers to avoid Covid-19 and remain productive in running the economy," said Iman.


            It is undeniable that the pandemic has had a significant impact on the Indonesian economy. The vaccination program is expected to accelerate economic recovery, such as in terms of investment. Met directly at the KIP RBF Building, Didik Purbadi (Executive Director of KIP) expressed his enthusiasm for the vaccination program being implemented in his industrial park. According to him, by vaccinating workers and people of productive age in Kendal, it can create a sense of security in investing for business actors. “As a Special Economic Zone, we are quite intense in meeting with outside parties such as business actors and investors. With this vaccination program, of course, we are very happy because all workers and the surrounding community have been vaccinated, so the investment process can run more safely,” concluded Didik.


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