Kendal Regency Held the 2nd Dose of Covid 19 Vaccination in Kendal Industrial Park

July 29, 2021

The Kendal Regency Government held a mass vaccination for the second dose located at the Kendal Industrial Park (KIP). Previously, the first dose of vaccination was also administered at KIP on 29-30 June 2021, for a total of 1500 doses. This time, for the second dose of vaccination, the government also prepared 1500 doses which were divided into two injection stages, 750 doses on 27 July and 750 doses on 28 July 2021. The vaccination process was also held at the Kendal Industrial Park RBF Building by dividing the injection into 3 sessions per day to avoid crowds and accumulation of vaccination participants.

The injection of the second dose of vaccination is intended for stakeholders of the Kendal Industrial Park and its surroundings, as well as people of productive age around the industrial park. As targeted by the Kendal Regent, Dico M Ganinduto, that the acceleration of vaccination implementation in Kendal Regency, one of which is to establish herd immunity and strengthen the economy. This social immunity is expected to increase the productivity of workers and in the end it can have a good impact on regional and national economic resilience.

As a Special Economic Zone in Kendal Regency, KIP plays an important role in running the regional economy, one of which is in terms of bringing in investment. The vaccination program is urgently needed for workers, because during a pandemic, a safe work environment is paramount. With the vaccination program for workers and people of productive age, this can create a sense of security not only for workers, but also a sense of security for investors who come to industrial parks. On this occasion, KIP expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the government's vaccination program which was considered responsive and quickly targeted almost all levels of society in Kendal Regency.